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The bidding for the auction will begin on Wednesday, May 8th at 5PM. Both bidders attending the event in person and those bidding from home are welcome to participate in the auction. However, the raffles and wine pull are exclusive to the guests attending the event in person. After the auction ends at 9:30 P.M. on May 10th all the winning bidders will receive an email notification on how to check out. It's not necessary to be present to win. If you're not present at the event, EFD will assist you in receiving your auction items in a timely manner.
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3bird Gift Basket

4x4 Frog tile in light blue & 5 ...

Creekside Garden Harvest Basket

M36 Coffee & Gift Card


Erratic's Early Pour Mugs & Card

Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase tickets

Dexter Bicentennial Gift Basket

Massage...yes please

Dreadnaught Fan Pack A

Airborne Adventure Packs with Gr...

Go Hands On


Auction Sponsors

EFD appreciates the support from the following sponsors!

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